Bronze winner of the 2010 DFA Awards

LTD took Bronze in the 2010 Design for Asia Awards, organized by The Hong Kong Design Centre. The DFA Awards are "presented to companies and designers from around the world that have achieved business success through good design that reflects, or has an impact on, the Asia lifestyle."

This year there were about 650 entries. LTD won in the "Identity and Branding" category for its work on the Zelo Bar & Restaurant in Pacific Place. As the Award citation puts it, "The branding... illustrates how design can simultaneously be eco and edgy. The entire identity – including menus, hoarding and other collaterals – reflects the restaurant's 'eco-chic' and 'recycled-chic' concepts in a way that is sure to provide diners with food for thought and inspire other designers in this environmentally aware era."

Details of Zelo's consumer identity and exteriors at ltdhk.com



Identity for an upmarket Chinese restaurant. LTD also designed the restaurants carpeting in keeping with the contemporary Chinese interiors.

More details at ltdhk.com


Poster for Kagyu Monlam Life Release

LTD designed the poster for the "Life Release" event of the 7th Hong Kong Kagyu Monlam. The symbol in the center of the palm, designed by His Holiness the 17th Karmapa, is that of Kagyu Monlan, an annual prayer meeting held at the Buddhist holy site of Bodhgaya. The symbol signifies mankind and nature joining hands and expresses the principle that we are not giving up on planet earth, which has immeasurably benefited all beings.


LTD designed the T-shirt for the SPCA Event WagnWalk in the beginning of 2010.


“High-brow” dining

Identity design for an upscale Chinese restaurant. LTD was requested to work with the fung shui master’s colour recommendations, which were suitable for the restaurant business. It was interesting to mix modern design thinking and fung shui logic. The two seemed to work well together. We were relieved the fung shui colours did not turn out to be red and gold !!


Lilian at radiodada with Tommy Li

“I was wondering what to talk about when designer Tommy Li invited me to be on the Radio dada program. Tommy made it very easy and relaxing for me to talk about my thoughts on design, being a designer and the problems we face today as designers…. . Here is a recording of the broadcast that I would like to share with you.”    
– Lilian Tang



The Hong Kong Golf Club Annual Report 2009

This cover shot of The Deep Water Bay Club House was photographed at dawn in late March 2010. The Clubhouse and course are lit at night by two large floodlights. It was a very challenging problem for the photographer. Josiah Leung and his crew started setting up the shot at midnight with a total of 40 HMI lights to light the Clubhouse inside and out. We then waited until dawn to get the perfect shot – a “hole in one.”

“It was a fascinating experience working with The Hong Kong Golf Club and LTD for the shot. Despite the misty and hazy weather, the unexpected sunrise finally came, worth the long and exhausting set-up of 40 HMI lights starting 11pm. This fabulous shot would not have been accomplished without the assistance and creativity from our clients.” 
– Josiah Leung, Photographer


ONE exhibition

Date: March 25 to May 30, 2010
Venue: HKDC Library

An exhibition organized by Hong Kong Design Centre and curated by miniminigallery. It is a rare opportunity to see the early works of more than 40 famous Hong Kong graphic designers, and a good chance to glimpse through how design techniques, subjects and aesthetics transform over the years.

"The class was conducted by Milton Glaser in the early 1980s in New York City. This was the first assignment given to us by Mr. Glaser. We are asked to give our most honest expression to the word ‘DESIGN’.
For myself, the continuous experiences of life are the roots of design, and the flavors of the these diverse experiences all meld into one in the course of one’s career."

– Lilian Tang